Transforming monetisation with Elevate: An OVO Retail Telecoms Case Study

3rd October 2022

Firsthand experience is always the most honest and accurate, and this became obvious during our conversation with Andy Pirie, Head of Retail Telecoms at OVO. Whilst we interviewed Andy to conduct a written case study for Elevate, our award-winning billing solution, it seemed only logical to share it too!

Watch the interview here:


With the telecoms market undergoing a profound step change and a customer base that is more digitally savvy than ever, OVO, like others, recognised the need for a future-proof billing and monetisation solution that will support its business strategy, and enable it to monetise an increasingly more sophisticated customer base.

Elevate freed OVO from the manual and disconnected processes, providing the flexibility, scalability and automation needed to support them and their customers.

The successful migration to Elevate was nothing less than transformational for OVO, with immediate and clear benefits across the business. The agility and flexibility provided by Elevate, have dramatically enhanced the customer experience. It enabled OVO to roll out innovative promotions that were previously not possible, substantially reduced operational costs and fully automated the lead to cash process which includes integrated payments, direct debit collection, and customer balance management.

The results are clear and measurable; Elevate is making a huge difference:

169% increase in customer satisfaction

48% increase in lead to customer conversion

60% reduction in inbound calls

76% reduction in goodwill payments

81% reduction in billing and metering queries

56% reduction in formal billing complaints

‘After a comprehensive competitive tender, Strategic Imperatives emerged as the clear winner – they have the scale and strength to handle the complexity of our offering, the flexibility we need to be agile and the automation capability essential for us to succeed.’ 

Andrew Pirie, Head of Retail Telecoms at OVO


For more information on how Strategic Imperatives monetisation and billing solution, Elevate, can transform your business, visit our Elevate web page or contact us on 0333 800 4800.

By Dania Aymach, Marketing Executive

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