Elevate is our ground-breaking monetisation, billing and subscription platform created from the ground up for today’s telecoms market. It challenges dated practices and transforms service monetisation into a modern, blazingly fast, and extremely flexible cloud-native solution that is generations ahead.

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Telcos, see the bigger picture

With the telecoms landscape evolving continuously in line with how we live and work, there are more commercial opportunities than ever. We designed Elevate to help you harness them.

With Elevate’s unrivalled agility, scalability and reliability, you can bill with confidence and manage your service portfolio effortlessly. And whenever your needs change, you have expert knowledge and personalised service on tap – keeping your business agile and equipped to stay way ahead of the competition.

  • Be Agile: Creatively monetise any product, service or event and effortlessly launch new propositions
  • Be Informed: Intelligent analytics that delivers a real-time view of revenue, performance, and profitability
  • Look ahead: future-focused solutions and attentive, collaborative approaches that ensure long-term partnerships
See the bigger picture

Elevate your monetisation capability

Multiple brands
and currencies

Usage, recurring
& ad hoc billing

Cloud, fixed, mobile, data, and inventory billing

Discounts, packages, and limited time /scheduled promotions

Performance, margins,
& profitability in

Contracts & subscription management

Payment gateway
and Direct Debit integration

Daily, weekly, monthly, and anniversary billing

Payments and customer balance management

Modern REST API and zero code integration framework

Born of a shared vision for the future

Elevate is Strategic Imperative’s transformational monetisation engine, conceived and created by a like-minded group of ‘disruptor’ technologists and telecoms veterans.

At the heart of Elevate’s agility and real-time capability is its on-demand, hyper-scalable architecture – featuring native Amazon Web Service (AWS) and incorporating advanced scaling to offer ridiculously fast performance. This, combined with Strategic Imperatives’ world-class service delivery, ensures a reliable, scalable, secure and future-proof platform.

  • Simple: Our SaaS technology eliminates the need for complex infrastructures, servers or in-house operating expertise
  • Open: We understand integration and provide fully documented APIS, tests environments and test assets
  • Safe: We’ve combined unrivalled disaster recovery and reliability with financial grade security and encryption
Shared vision for the future

6 reasons to raise your monetisation
game with Elevate

See how sales, trends, new services or price changes influence revenue, performance and profitability… as it happens.

Identify trends, pre-empt needs and identify cross-selling opportunities to maximise revenue and profitability.

Monetise services, products and events quickly with creative propositions, bundles and subscriptions across multiple brands and currencies.

Identify and remedy revenue leakage and potential fraud, reconcile services, automate ETCs and monitor margins.

Every service, process and function is available through a comprehensive integration framework and APIs.

Revolutionary user design makes everything intuitive and easy to navigate, via a modern interface.

Rich analytics and real-time revenue assurance

Elevate operates instantly and in real-time, monitoring every sale or price change so you can keep live tabs on performance and profitability.

We designed Elevate specifically to support modern digital services, IOT and the subscription economy. For it to stand fully apart from its peers and lead the market, it had to work fast and in real-time – to support the agility so crucial to successful modern telecoms businesses.

  • Smooth: integrates seamlessly with accounting and CRM systems
  • Vigilant: understands fraud, flags unusual behaviours and identifies revenue leakage
  • Analytical: translates data into meaningful intelligence to support business strategy and ambition
Reliable real-time business insight

Billing made easier, faster and more reassuring

Elevate has disrupted a complacent billing landscape by superseding out-dated and ‘unfit for purpose’ practices, and brings billing into the 21st century.

Making the change is easy, with simple managed migration and minimal impact on day-to-day operations. Thereafter, every bill run is simple, stress-free, and complete within a matter of minutes, whilst day-to-day operations are streamlined and straightforward. What’s more, the Elevate experience will only improve, with additional functionality applied continuously to each user’s unique dashboard.

  • All about you: our truly customer-centric approach means we can provide unrivalled and timely support
  • Intuitive: by design, Elevate is easy to use, so frees you up to focus on growing your business
  • Experience-driven enhancements: we develop and improve Elevate continuously to meet evolving needs
Stress-free billing

Billing migration as an art form

1. Welcome

We assign you a dedicated and fully accountable project manager, who will be your single point of contact throughout the migration process.

2. Analysis

We ensure we fully understand your business and its billing requirements, plus any enhancements that will support your aspirations. This also ensures the migration process is tailored precisely to your expectations.

3. Setup

We identify the best strategy for migrating your data, and begin creating the environment that will best fulfil your current and future needs.

4. Migration

Our migration team moves all your data to your new cloud environment, tidying up any obsolete or legacy data along the way.

5. Parallel Bill Run

We execute a bill run with Elevate and compare the figures with those from your existing billing system. We investigate any discrepancies and provide a full report to confirm all your data has migrated successfully.

6. Training

You’ll have a dedicated training session with one of our experts, which is a great opportunity to learn the system’s functionality and ask any questions.

7. Handover

We’re only happy when you’re happy, so we ensure a smooth handover with answers to all your queries.

Our clients

Strategic Imperatives works with a star studded cast of trusted names and emerging talent in the global telecoms industry.

It’s all automated and easy to use rather than there being a collection of disconnected processes; our customers really benefit, we also went from a bill run taking a day and a half, to generating bills and statements now in less than an hour which is absolutely huge.
Kate Turner, Team Leader
Because of the company we are and the industry we’re in Zen has to move quickly to stay ahead so it’s essential to have a platform like Elevate and a partner like Strategic Imperatives – that we know we can rely on.
Andrea Warburton, Senior Business Analyst
Thank you for the support and professionalism shown by your company in getting us to where we are today. The billing has been a marked step forward for us and the support your team has provided is greatly valued.
Senior Analyst, International Revenue Assurance
As a young and agile company, Hoot demands reliable solutions that reduce overheads and time. Elevate provides billing and analytical capability that has impressed our clients and boosted our launch into telecoms consultancy.
Rory McEwan, CEO
With Strategic Imperatives we have found the right billing partner, and thanks to Elevate we’re confident that we now have a strategic billing platform that will seamlessly power our growth plans.
Mike Stephenson, Director & Co-Founder
The pioneering nature of Elevate and the game-changing billing agility serves as a roadmap for other providers in the sector.
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