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CityFibre’s voice and data division Entanet is one of the UK’s leading voice and data ISP ‘connectivity wholesalers’, and is renowned for its commitment to strong and enduring customer relations. The business is part of CityFibre, and relies on powerful partnerships to uphold its growing reputation as a service leader.

For too long, its inflexible, poorly supported and slow billing platform had been restricting agility and growth. To sustain an ambitious growth trajectory and enhance service standards, Entanet required a far faster, more intuitive and dependable billing solution.

Entanet incumbent system had clear flexibility and stability issues, and its limited functionality was typical of many legacy setups. Users were spending hours processing data manually and creating statements, unsure that processes would complete accurately… or at all.

With the business continuing to expand, bill-runs were increasingly a ‘boiler room’ situation involving several staff over a day and a half, diverting time and resources unnecessarily. Entanet knew it was high time for change.

Entanet billing solution

With Elevate replacing Entanet’s legacy platform with a powerful and scalable SaaS solution, things swiftly became not only faster, more intuitive and automated, but also more reliable and reassuring.

Strategic Imperatives migrated all of Entanet data securely and smoothly to its new Elevate platform. With Elevate, Entanet now manage all its billing data instantly, and create management reports automatically and with pinpoint accuracy. And crucially, bill and statement runs now take less than an hour.

Almost overnight, Elevate had enabled Entanet to provide a first-class customer experience effortlessly – and to re-allocate time and resources back to upholding a well-deserved reputation and growing their business further.

Elevate is a world-class SaaS solution for forward-thinking telecoms businesses. Find out how you can transform your billing overnight – arrange a demo today.

Our experience with Elevate is generations ahead of what we have used before. Adopting Elevate represents a strategic enhancement of our billing capability and strategy.
Neil Watson, Head of Service, CityFibre

Over 20 years, ISP Zen Internet has evolved from aggressive start-up to award-winning communications provider. Today it provides a comprehensive range of market-leading data, voice and hosting service to more than 90,000 business and residential customers across the UK.

Having invested heavily in its infrastructure to provide a future-facing highperformance network, Zen required a robust, flexible and scalable billing solution to keep pace with its ambition.

Zen was using a bespoke in-house system that required time-consuming manual processing and regular maintenance. It also became clear it wasn’t suitably scalable to support Zen’s growing Voice business.

Revenue assurance could be lacking, while gaps in processes meant some calls were simply disappearing – threatening security accreditations.

It was clear the existing platform was becoming more of a liability than an asset, and incompatible with the business’ long-term plans. And the replacement had to integrate seamlessly with other systems, including those for order management and CRM.

Immediate impact

Elevate has enabled Zen to streamline processes, while real-time analytics have put teams firmly back in control. And being cloud-based, Elevate’s auto-updates free up resources for ensuring Zen’s continuous growth.

Elevate’s SaaS had immediate impact on Zen’s efficiency, with a pre-configured billing and reporting service up and running very quickly. The first live bill run was achievable within days, and took no time, highlighting Elevate’s capacity, accuracy, reliability and scalability.

Meanwhile, it passed Zen’s rigorous penetration and vulnerability testing with flying colours, and proved user friendly to the extent that hardly any training was required to master it. Plus, our two-factor authentication and top-level encryption ensures total security for Zen and its growing portfolio of discerning customers.

Elevate is next-level SaaS for telecoms business billing. To find out how it can transform your outlook overnight, arrange a demo today.

From a technology perspective Elevate stands head and shoulders above its competitors, but it’s the business benefits the implementation provides that really make a difference in our day to day activity.
Chris Platt, Head of Systems

Entrepreneur Rory McEwan is a vastly experienced telecoms professional, and hugely enthusiastic about mobile-economy opportunities. He launched his own consultancy, Hoot Telecom, to provide market-leading consultancy and services for mobile, fixed line and connectivity providers.

Spotting a great opportunity, Rory approached Strategic Imperatives about its award-winning solution, Elevate, in order to be able to offer pain-free billing and value-added service to Hoot clients.

Hoot’s growing client base swiftly highlighted that monetisation platforms are often needlessly complex and cumbersome, and time-consuming to manage and troubleshoot.

It was clear that many promising telecoms business are held back by legacy platforms that are no longer fit for purpose in an increasingly diverse and dynamic sector.

With agile, accurate and scalable billing central to Hoot’s offering, Rory needed to be able to offer a dependable solution that’s easy to adopt and manage.

Raising its game

Adopting Elevate as a flexible and future-proof monetisation platform for telecoms clients really helped establish Hoot’s status as a leading advice and services business.

Elevate provides the dependable accuracy so integral to Hoot’s offering, and is proving a game changer for the business – and its clients, who’ve also been yearning for the simplicity, speed and agility it delivers. Hoot has also benefited hugely from the efficiency of migration and rollout that Elevate allows, and the responsive service from the Strategic Imperatives team.

Meanwhile, the platform’s user-friendly and intuitive interface and dashboard are professional and reassuring, and a long-awaited move away from the over-complex patched systems that many major communications providers are still struggling with.

Adopting Elevate can transform business agility with billing speed, accuracy and dependability. Arrange your demo today.

As a young and agile company, Hoot demands reliable solutions that reduce overheads and time. Using cloud innovation, Elevate provides billing and analytical capability that has impressed our clients and boosted our launch into telecoms consultancy.
Rory McEwan CEO, Hoot Telecom

Since 2003, Calteq has built a well-earned reputation as a collaborative business partner and trusted service provider that truly puts the customer first. Today, the company delivers high-quality communications solutions to some of the most well-known businesses in the UK.

Having lost confidence in its billing process after a series of costly inaccuracies, poor support and an inflexible billing solution that has become a barrier to their growth, it became a key priority for Calteq to identify a billing partner and a billing solution they can rely on to underpin their ambitious plans and effectively monetise their rapidly growing pipeline.

The limitations of Calteq’s billing platform often meant that they were left flying blind. Identifying loss-making customers and ensuring propositions were profitable was a major challenge, whilst creating flexible packages and billing for modern digital services was often a time-consuming work around as Calteq had to sidestep the rigid capabilities of a billing platform designed for the legacy telecom era.

Calteq needed to deploy valuable resources to overcompensate for a system they knew was falling short, even underbilling customers for fear of overcharging them.

With the business continually evolving and expanding, the ability to quickly roll out new services, understand the lifetime value of their customers, and an on-demand view of margins and profitability became critical. To keep ahead of the competition, Calteq needed a next-level cloud native billing and monetisation platform that could empower its transformation, support its growth and restore its confidence in its ability to bill and monetise effectively.

Smooth migration and immediate impact

Migration was quick and efficient; SI’s onboarding team took full ownership of the process and worked with Calteq to bring their billing process up to date and cleanse their billing data. The first bill run with Elevate was Calteq’s fastest and the result was a clear and measurable benefit to Calteq’s bottom line.

A quick glance at Elevate’s modern interface highlights precisely how Calteq is performing in real-time, what customers have purchased, and which tariffs are available to them – a level of detail that was previously unattainable. The rich insight Elevate provides has earnt Elevate a prime place in Calteq’s marketing armoury, empowering it to launch highly targeted marketing campaigns.

And critically, as Calteq continues to develop new and innovative products, Elevate provides the confidence that it is billing accurately, the ability to roll out new propositions efficiently, and the opportunity to offer multi-layered digital services seamlessly.

Elevate is a world-class SaaS solution for forward-thinking telecoms businesses. Find out how you can transform your billing overnight – arrange a demo today.

With Strategic Imperatives we have found the right billing partner, and thanks to Elevate we’re confident that we now have a strategic billing platform that will seamlessly power our ambitious growth plans.
Mike Stephenson, Director and Co-Founder, Calteq



It’s in our DNA