Discover how Kerv underpinned an acquisitive multi-brand growth plan with Strategic Imperatives’ Elevate billing platform.

5th June 2024

Kerv was founded in 2020 and has rapidly expanded through acquisition and organic growth to become a leading cloud and digital services provider. Seeing revenues increase five-fold in a three-year period, Kerv has a team of 700 personnel spanning Europe, Asia and North America.

Underpinning its ambitious growth plan lies an entrepreneurial spirit and Kerv’s commitment to invest in the very best technologies to empower its people to do what they do best: create innovative solutions and transform business through technology and a market-leading customer experience strategy.

Fundamental to Kerv’s success has been the implementation of Strategic Imperatives’ industry leading billing platform, Elevate, to provide an agile and holistic monetisation capability that enables Kerv’s multi-practice activity. This empowers each of if its practices to innovate and scale seamlessly without limits.

“As a fast-growing business, we needed a forward-thinking, cloud-based billing platform with an API-first approach. Elevate’s flexibility and scalability have been crucial, enabling us to seamlessly adapt, rapidly integrate new acquisitions and streamline our growth.”
Ray Mohammed, Transformation Director, Kerv

Business Objectives

Kerv has risen to become one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. Through acquisition and organic growth, Kerv now possesses an industry leading suite of integrated cloud and digital transformation services for mid-market, enterprise and public sector organisations.

By partnering with global technology leaders, Kerv tailors its solutions for customers in several industry verticals and in every case sets the industry benchmark for excellent customer experience and employee engagement.

To enable this strategy, it is critical for Kerv to have a modern monetisation and billing platform with proven capabilities that can work seamlessly across multiple practices and assist international customers all over the world.

“Throughout the implementation process, Strategic Imperatives’ professional services team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and requirements, working proactively alongside our team to deliver the transformational billing capability we needed.”
Ray Mohammed, Transformation Director, Kerv

Our Solution

When selecting its new monetisation and billing platform to work across its multiple business practices, it was not only essential that Elevate should eliminate the need for multiple billing systems as Kerv continues its growth and acquisition strategy, but also be part of a reliable and scalable BSS platform that can integrate with other business critical systems to enable Kerv’s vision of automation across all part of its operational platforms.

As a company that embraces automation and market leading propositions to deliver an unmatched customer experience, Kerv has been empowered to offer unique propositions and orchestrate complex billing journeys that push the boundaries of a typical billing platform.

The nature of Kerv’s managed services offering requires its billing system to be capable of handling more complex usage-based and subscription scenarios. With Elevate, Kerv has the capability to aggregate data and services from disparate vendors, networks, and platforms into a single unified monetisation framework, making even the most complex scenarios straightforward to accomplish and deliver.

Working closely with Kerv, Strategic Imperatives’ professional services team ensured a smooth migration for Kerv, consolidating multiple billing systems and supporting integration with critical processes without disruption to Kerv’s business.

The Results


  1. A single billing and monetisation platform supporting Kerv’s growth and acquisition strategy.
  2. Seamless integration with Kerv’s key systems enabling Kerv’s vision of full automation.
  3. Accelerated expansion into new markets, across geographies, and currencies.
  4. Support for multiple practices, offering cloud and digital transformation services.
  5. Automated contract, subscription, and consumption billing.
  6. Ability to rapidly roll out innovative promotions, products, and propositions.
  7. Real-time actionable insights ensuring Kerv makes data-informed growth choices.
“Strategic Imperatives delivers more than just software. Their dedication, proactive approach, and deep expertise have been pivotal to our success. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”
Ray Mohammed, Transformation Director, Kerv

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