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Fibre Café
Fibre Café
Fibre Café

Strategic Imperatives’ Fibre Cafe is transforming how Altnets and service providers are collaborating to deliver the vision of a fully connected digital Britain. It rewrites the integration rules for the UK fibre wholesale market and creates opportunities that dramatically transform the fibre go-to-market landscape.

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The Fibre Café is a develop once, connect to many solution:

We break down the barriers

At The Fibre Café, the conversation between AltNets & Service Providers is about opportunities. AltNets can rapidly launch wholesale propositions, and service providers gain seamless access to the UK fibre ecosystem.

It combines innovative technology with the unparalleled domain expertise to address the challenges AltNets, connectivity, and service providers face. It solves pain points that are barriers to a connected Digital Britain by creating the building blocks of an integrated, equal and cost-effective fibre wholesale market in the UK.

It is a ground-breaking solution that seamlessly connects disparate connectivity providers, AltNets and service providers by eliminating the ‘spaghetti’ approach to integration and addressing its fundamental challenges head-on.

An innovative and unique approach to provisioning

The Fibre Café’s open API empowers fibre and service providers to easily and cost-effectively integrate and collaborate.

It provides a single entry point into the UK fibre and wholesale markets, eliminating the need to maintain multiple technology stacks and development projects.

Underpinned by extensive domain expertise and industry collaboration, the Fibre Café’s API is a UK-wide fibre provisioning interface. With a unified data model, a consolidated taxonomy, a single security model, one order life cycle and a standardised services catalogue, Altnets and service providers are appropriately armed for delivering a truly connected Britain.

Fully managed and unified API gateway to the most important UK networks. 

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