Wail Sabbagh

Managing Director

Wail brings onboard a unique blend of commercial, telecoms and technical expertise as well as proven leadership capability at national and international levels. Prior to SI, Wail served as Director of Systems at Three, where he played a leading role in the launch of the mobile operator and as a VP with a global integrator responsible for fine-tuning their telecom’s strategy.

Wail has a rich background working with established and start-up organisations. He led the launch of Reuters first Web-based trading platform and the UK’s first e-commerce ASP as well as mentoring start-ups on behalf of a technology incubator. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Wail joined the EU’s strategic research programme working in the field of broadband services and distributed telecommunication architectures.

Tim Sayer

Chief Operating Officer

Tim is an industry veteran and has spent the best part of two decades delivering pioneering billing solutions to some of the UK’s most successful telco’s and assisting them with their monetisation strategy for organic and acquisitive growth. Performing various roles during that time, Tim has built a wealth of sales, marketing and operational experience alongside extensive billing, telecoms and software solutions knowledge.

Joining Strategic Imperatives as the product owner, Tim was instrumental in the design, market strategy and implementation of our award-winning service – Elevate. Now Chief Operating Officer, Tim is responsible for ensuring we deliver a world-class service to our customers. He also works alongside the MD to define and deliver SI’s vision and strategy.

Matt Brewster

Chief Technology Officer

Matt is a technology visionary, passionate cloud advocate and open source champion. He is a self-confessed geek who believes that technology can transform how our customers do business. Matt is responsible for defining and implementing SI’s technical vision and capability. He possesses the elusive combination of technical expertise, in-depth domain knowledge, and customer empathy that has been key in making SI an award-winning success story.

Matt began his career in the telecom industry after graduating with a first-class honours degree in Software Engineering. His in-depth and varied experience in the sector has been a pivotal stepping-stone for his current role and has given him a solid and unique perspective for designing and developing transformational and innovative solutions.

Leigh Wilson

Head of Customer Engagement

Leigh Joined SI from the technology giant IBM in 2008 and has been a driving force behind the transformation of SI from a young technology start-up into the industry leader it is today. Leigh is responsible for developing a service blueprint that ensures we put our customers at the heart of everything we do which includes, managing relationships with our customers, overseeing HR, and developing an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration among team members.

Leigh was instrumental in transforming our recruitment, training and on-boarding programme that underpins our success. Her strong belief in the value of equality, diversity and positive work-life balance has created a truly people-centric environment that is focused on well-being, morale, and retention.



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