Catalysts for Success: 10 Essential Features for Wholesale Billing Systems

28th September 2023

Wholesale Service Providers occupy a unique position in the telecommunications industry. They serve as intermediaries between network infrastructure providers and retail ISPs or businesses, enabling the distribution of digital services on a larger scale. For wholesale service providers, the stakes are high, and their billing engine needs to go beyond what a typical billing platform offers. In this article, we will explore the differentiating features and capabilities that wholesale providers require from their billing system in this dynamic and demanding sector.


1. Tiered Pricing and Customisation

Wholesale service providers often have a diverse range of clients, from smaller regional ISPs to large enterprises. To accommodate this diversity, a billing system for wholesale service providers must support tiered pricing models that allow for volume discounts and custom pricing agreements. This flexibility ensures that each wholesale client can access pricing structures tailored to their specific needs.


2. Billing for Packaged Services

Wholesale service providers often provide more than just connectivity. They may offer their customers additional services such as VoIP and TV or cloud services. A comprehensive billing system should enable wholesale service providers to package and bill for a variety of services accurately, ensuring all revenue streams are captured.


3. Rate Management

Rate management is crucial for wholesale service providers, as they need to manage complex rate tables and agreements with multiple partners. A specialised billing system should allow for the efficient management of rates, ensuring accurate billing for services exchanged with various partners.


4. Reconciliation

Reconciliation in wholesale billing is a multifaceted process. It involves matching the packaged services from multiple suppliers with those offered by the wholesale provider. An enriched billing system will automate the reconciliation, ensuring that the services provided by various suppliers align with the services billed to the end customers, minimising discrepancies and revenue leakage.


5. Analytics and Insights

Wholesale service providers rely on data-driven insights to make informed decisions and optimise their operations to stay competitive in a dynamic industry. A robust billing system should provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to gain real-time insights into revenue streams, partner behaviour, and market trends. 


6. White-Labelling and Branding

Wholesale service providers often resell services under their or retail clients’ brands. A billing platform should provide white-labelling and branding capabilities, allowing wholesale providers to customise invoices, customer portals, and communication materials with their client’s branding.


7. Multi-Tenant Support

Wholesale service providers frequently manage multiple tenants or reseller accounts. The billing system should provide multi-tenancy support, enabling them to segregate customer data, billing, and reporting for different tenants with centralised control.


8. Scalability and Performance
Wholesale providers often experience rapid growth as they onboard new clients and expand their network footprint. A suitable billing platform must be highly scalable and capable of handling a growing volume of transactions without compromising performance.


9. API First & Integration Capabilities
Successful Wholesale service providers require seamless integration with various systems, applications, and third-party services to deliver a streamlined experience. An API-first billing engine empowers Wholesale service providers to connect, extend, and customise their monetisation processes effortlessly.


10. Regulatory Compliance

Wholesale providers often operate in a heavily regulated environment, and compliance with various telecommunications regulations is paramount. A reliable billing system should support the specific regional compliance requirements in which the wholesale providers operate, including tax regulations and reporting.

A Key Strategic Focus

At Strategic Imperatives, supporting wholesale and alternative network providers (Altnets) is a key strategic focus. Our commitment to delivering innovative and tailored billing solutions has made Elevate, our award-winning billing platform, the heart of many successful wholesale service providers. We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities in the wholesale sector and are dedicated to providing the tools and features that empower our clients to thrive in this dynamic industry.

In the competitive world of wholesale internet and digital services, a billing system tailored to the unique needs of wholesale service providers is not just a convenience; it’s a strategic imperative. 

By investing in a comprehensive billing platform designed with their specific needs in mind, wholesale service providers can optimise their operations, enhance partner relationships, and stay ahead of the competition.

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