If you’re looking to automate SOGEA, FTTx or WLR, CPconnect makes integration with the UK’s leading network providers faster, easier and more cost effective.


CPconnect is a single easy to use and fully managed gateway

A market-leading approach to provisioning

Strategic Imperatives’ CPconnect is your fully managed and unified gateway to the UK’s leading networks, including Openreach, BT Wholesale, TalkTalk and Vodafone.

It simplifies development, deployment and maintenance by removing the complexities of managing multiple endpoints, gateways and access technologies. CPconnect provisions a vast range of services, including SOGEA, FTTP, FTTC, MPF, WBC, WBMC and WLR.

  • Cuts complexity: with a provider-agnostic, high-level API that features sandboxed development and QA environments, and is backed by unrivalled expertise
  • Reduces costs: with a proven technology stack that’s updated continuously and is always ‘backward-compatible’ – without complex supplier establishment
  • Get there faster: with one project, one development team, one skill set and one easy to consume API

Fully managed unified gateway to the most important UK networks.

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    Our clients

    Strategic Imperatives works with a star studded cast of trusted names and emerging talent in the global telecoms industry.


    Strategic Imperatives’ WLR3 portal and integration framework is the engine that powers the UK WLR market; provisioning and managing millions of lines for many of the UK leading service providers.


    An unbeatable track record

    Rapid establishment

    Strategic Imperatives is an approved Openreach TPI, and our customers benefit from a fully managed, fast-tracked and seamless product establishment process.

    Proven migration

    We have years of experience migrating the industry’s biggest providers into our platform; our novation and TPI shift capabilities are proven and unrivalled.

    Enterprise service delivery

    WLR3 is a high-availability, resilient SaaS platform backed by 24/7 monitoring, first-class support, and an in-depth working knowledge of Openreach systems and processes.

    Trusted by the best

    We provision and manage millions of lines for leading providers such as Plusnet, TalkTalk, Vodafone, Daisy, Gamma, Verizon, Fujitsu, KCOM and Chess.

    Leading WLR3 implementation solution

    With our WLR3 platform processing thousands of orders every day, our support team effectively has real-time visibility of any issues with Openreach systems – or very rarely, our own.

    Strategic Imperatives’ industry-leading WLR3 solution is a fully managed platform that ensures exceptional service levels, thanks to vastly improved automation, integrated processes, real-time access to critical information, order status updates and 24/7 order processing.

    The platform is available as a high-level API, or via a web-based portal – or a combination of both. It’s designed to address next-generation needs, regardless of size or operational model.

    • Integration: a fully documented API and integration framework with QA/development environments, single sign-on, embedded GUI processes and billing/CRM backfill
    • Portal: a state-of-the-art web portal incorporating role-based task management, provisioning and assurance, and featuring support for multiple resellers and brands
    • Support: with our WLR3 platform processing thousands of orders every day, our support team comprises experts in WLR, Openreach systems, and our own industry-leading Elevate platform

    Enabling our customers to deliver an exceptional level of service.

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