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24th August 2021

Strategic Imperatives extends its support for the Channel’s digital transformation with a new enterprise contract and subscription management billing module for Elevate

Staines upon Thames, 24 August 2021: Strategic Imperatives, a market leader in SaaS billing, monetisation and subscriptions, today announced the release of its enterprise contracts and subscriptions management module for its award-winning billing platform, Elevate.

Featuring the Channel’s most comprehensive contract and subscription management capabilities, the module will be rolled out to all existing Elevate customers and is an integral part of the platform moving forward. The module forms part of Strategic Imperatives’ ‘Stay Ahead’ initiative designed to keep Network Operators, Resellers and AltNets at the forefront of monetisation and billing technology.

From the moment a customer signs a new contract or subscribes to a new service, Elevate enables service providers to monitor and manage each stage of their lifecycle with ease, empowering the delivery of a best-in-class experience, driving growth, and providing real-time insight. Elevate customers can now seamlessly:

  • Improve customer retention with automatic contract renewal
  • Calculate termination charges on demand
  • Receive and manage contract end notifications
  • Manage standard and customised notice periods
  • Offer single or multiple services under one contract
  • Analyse and report on the underlying contract values

Strategic Imperatives’ Managing Director, Wail Sabbagh commented: “The telecoms market is moving away from billing for minutes used, data consumed, and messages sent, towards a hybrid model that combines both subscription and consumption. To extract maximum value from the new digital landscape, service providers must harness this hybrid economy and enable their customers to choose when, how, and how much they consume.

He added: “Billing lies at the heart of the customer experience and effortless management of subscriptions and contracts is key to building and strengthening long-term customer relationships. We’re delighted that Elevate now provides our customers with the flexibility to bill, rate and invoice subscriptions, multi-layered contracts and of course complex usage and events. If our customers can think it, Elevate can bill it.”

Strategic Imperatives’ ‘Stay Ahead’ initiative is the company’s unique approach to product development. It combines R&D spend, customer engagement and industry participation to create a roadmap that continuously delivers best-in-class transformative solutions.

Speaking about the initiative, Wail Sabbagh explained: “As we approach several key milestones in our roadmap, this development is the first of many. Our ‘Stay Ahead’ initiative formally recognises our long-standing commitment to transforming billing and monetisation for modern service providers, with a rich monetisation toolkit fit for Digital Britain and beyond.”

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