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The Elevate B2B gateway is a mature, proven and fully featured ebXML gateway designed exclusively to interface with BT Openreach and BTW B2B gateways. The gateway offers industry leading performance and reliability with strict adherence to ebXML collaboration standards.

The Elevate B2B gateway is the default choice for the majority of the UK communication providers with many unique features including:

• Full implementation of BT's B2B gateway specifications
• Proven interoperability with Openreach & BTW live and OnRamp testing environments
• Fulfilment, Assurance and Dialogue Services
• EMP specific traceability and reporting
• Rich operational front-end and dashboard
• Security infrastructure aligned with and proven to work with Openreach & BTW
• Implements ebXML MSH 2.0 stack
• SEDA based design for maximum throughput and reliability
• A reliable, clusterable and highly available solution
• Support for simultaneous collaboration protocol agreements (CPAs)
• Full implementation of BT's B2B gateway specifications
• Trusted by over 500 resellers to provision communication services with BT Openreach and BT Wholesale
• Clients include TalkTalk, Vodafone, Plusnet, Fujitsu, Orange and the Post Office

EMP QA and Development Suite

The Elevate EMP QA and Development Suite provides a standalone EMP simulator built on top of a fully-fledged and proven ebXML server. Designed to mimic Openreach's EMP system request and response protocol it enables regression, performance and full order life cycle testing as well as providing a rich development environment without the need to connect to the limited test platform offered by Openreach. As well as the simulator, Strategic Imperatives provides scenario packs for LLU MPF and LLU SMPF. These packs can be used out of the box and can be customised via a rich web based front-end.

The scenario packs leverage the real world testing experience that Strategic Imperatives has built up across a number of LLU engagements. They are not simply the positive test scenarios described in the Openreach documentation; the test cases also include negative test runs and 'unexpected' behaviour from the EMP platform such as missing and out of order responses and multiple response scenarios.

• Multi-step scenarios to support whole order life cycle
• Out of the box simulation scenarios
• Bespoke scenario creator
• Positive and negative scenario support
• Support for missing, out of order and repeated messages
• Monitoring and management console
• Future proof CPA automatic reconfiguration

Process Suite and WLR3
Process Engine

The Elevate Process Suite is a full-featured Business Process Management (BPM) solution designed to enhance the competitive advantage of Communication Providers by improving order management, integrated service provisioning and customer service.

• View and manage processes graphically and in real time
• Full SLA management, alerting, traceability and reporting capability
• Process versioning and hot deployable business processes
• Rich operational tool kit and dashboard
• Suspend / resume / skip / retry running processes
• Batch order / process management
• Rapid multi protocol integration
• Highly performant and scalable
• Strictly adheres to industry standards and best practice

Strategic Imperatives has combined the enterprise capabilities of the Process Suite with a rich implementation of WLR3 processes to create an integrated WLR3 Engine and provide a high level interface that abstracts the complexity of multiple interactions with Openreach.

WLR3 provides superior and more flexible functionality prior to, during and after service provisioning compared to WLR2. This functionality is provided by a combination of Fulfilment, Assurance and Dialogue Services. Whilst some of these services are atomic, most of the interactions with Openreach are characterised by a number of service calls from the CP to Openreach and vice-versa. In order to provision a customer, these services must be correctly orchestrated and many of the potential routes through the process or the various failure scenarios must be taken into account. Effectively, Openreach provides the building blocks and it is up to the CP to assemble them into the smoothly-running engine that their business needs.

At the heart of our WLR3 Engine is the WLR3 process pack, a process based reference implementation of WLR3 mapping over 250 complex interactions that are necessary between Openreach, the CP and the End user. Each Interaction details how the CP and end user should collaborate and how to validate data with Openreach through Dialog services to minimise order rejection and stream-line fulfilment and assurance. They also map how a CP and Openreach should in turn collaborate to manage orders and deal with the multiple asynchronous response messages (KCIs).

The WLR3 Process Engine enables CPs to seamlessly manage these complexities through a high level process centric interface supporting Provision, Modify, Cease, Amend, Cancel order functionality as well as trouble ticketing and in-flight order management.