Multi Carrier Broadband API

Strategic Imperatives multi-carrier framework leverages the Elevate platform to provide a unified interface / API into multiple telecommunication carriers. The interface enables communication providers to seamlessly consume services from multiple network providers and supports easy migration of services between them. We provide extensive documentation and a 'sandboxed' development and testing environment, greatly reducing costs and time to market.

A unique approach to integrating with multiple network providers

• Supports BTW WBC / IP Stream and MPF / SMPF services from Talk Talk & Vodafone with more to follow
• Single, simple, unified interface (API) to easily consume and migrate services from multiple providers
• Reduced development / integration costs
• Simplified deployment and rollout
• Faster time to market
• Protection from downstream technology changes
• Benefits from billing and CRM back feeds through the Elevate platform
• 'Sandboxed' development and testing environment
• Extensive documentation and integration / development support

  • Choice
  • Simplicity

network & connectivity technologies

One of the key challenges facing communication providers is being able to provide choice of both network and connectivity technologies seamlessly to customers by automating the full order life cycle. Communication providers often resort to a multitude of portals, manual reports and old-fashioned paper based ordering resulting in a slow, error prone and resource intensive backend processes.

Enabling automation by integrating with multiple providers is slow, expensive and technically very challenging as network providers have conflicting technologies, communication protocols, release cycles, processes and varying quality of support and QA environments.

Strategic Imperatives multi-carrier framework removes these barriers, allowing communication providers to seamlessly integrate and manage new providers and services using a single unified interface without the need to procure, deploy or manage.

simple, unified interface

Integration with multiple network providers is technically challenging and financially demanding. The available documentation varies markedly in quality and each supplier will have its own approach to project management, QA and operational support. The requirement to consume services from multiple networks simultaneously can increase these challenges exponentially.

Elevate provides a single, simple, unified interface that provides CPs with the opportunity to seamlessly consume various connectivity technologies from multiple network providers. The complex infrastructure required to interface with these providers is fully hosted, managed and supported by Strategic Imperatives.

Full documentation is provided along with a 'sandboxed' development and testing environment, coupled with renowned technical and operational support.

By consuming a single interface, communication providers can massively reduce their development effort and be shielded from downstream changes to the suppliers' interfaces. This not only reduces the overhead from a resource and knowledge perspective, it ensures that our clients get to market quicker and benefit from the enhancements to the rapidly changing telecommunications landscape.

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